1st Birthday Party

On Saturday April 21, we had Ardo's 1st birthday. It was a month in the making and it I couldnt have asked for a better day. 82 degrees, sunny and lots of love filled the backyard we call home. All 85 guests showed up (yes you read that right 85), and we felt the love. Our little boy will actually turn 1 on April 25th so mommy pulled out all the stops for his 1st birthday. Thank you to pinterest and actually my own little noggin, made this all happen. Pinterest is an amazing inspiration, all you need is an idea to run with. With one idea we (me, friends and family) created the rest. I have never ever been creative but I swear along with mothers intuition my creativity button was activated the minute I found out about our bundle of joy, and Ive taken off. Please enjoy! ps thank you again to every single person who helped make this all possible.

Our become apart of sesame street photobooth, one of my favs!

Party favors for the kiddies. I made them personalized with names on the back, and age appropriate goodies inside!

our lovely dessert table. Of course to match the color scheme. The cake pops were amazing (or so Ive heard I actually didnt have one) and the cupcakes were 2 flavors chocolate with cream inside and vanilla confetti (those were cookie monster) yummm! Julie made all our desserts. Thanks again!

A nice Family picture

A silly Family picture (we tried to get Ardo to wear the glasses he wasnt having it)

Instead of games I did a craft, I wanted there to be something everyone can do but I didnt have to supervise. This was perfect!! We had decorate a party hat and decorate a frame, from what I could see it was a hit and warmed my heart when I saw friends and family decorating away.

Our amazing centerpieces and my og idea. Every center piece had the matching table cloth color, to keep with the color schemes. We made these centerpieces with a cricket cartridge put them on a stick some glue dots in a mason jar and there we have it.

A mountain of gifts, thank you again to everyone for all the toys, books and a whole new wardrobe!

And last but not least a little collage with our birthday boy his cupcake and tears. He was terrified when everyone starting singing but a little frosting and he completely forgot! I just love him so.

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