Happy 1st Birthday ardobeans!

And today April 25th my little man officially turned 1. We had a weekend of festivities, but today on his actual birthday we had a very small get together. Daddy and I took the day off, we took Ardo to Santa Monica Pier walked around a bit had lunch and then a small dinner with just the two blending families. Our little one wasnt able to have the super yummy Petrillos just yet, instead his meal of veggies with pita bread and hummus. And then to the cake, Nana brought a Big Bird cake to keep with our Sesame Street Birthday theme. He sure enjoyed smashing it! Happy Birthday my sweetheart pie!

And the aftermath of poor little big bird. I have to say my little guy does not seem to have a sweet tooth, I guess mommy and daddy keeping almost all the unnatural sweets away from him has done some good. Lets hope we keep it up! Until next year...

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  1. Michael isn't a fan of the sweets either. I'm kind of proud of that fact. I won't have a child who will be screaming for ice cream at the first sight of it.... maybe down the road he will like sweets.

    Happy Birthday Jerry. :)


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