1 year shots!

Along with the joy of celebrating a year with our little guy comes the dreaded one year well baby check up. I say the "dreaded" because this check up comes with a whole lot of needles. 3 shots to be exact and getting his blood drawn, no not prick the finger blood test but an actual full needle (or butterfly needle, however in my book either is HORRIBLE). As expected mommy was probably 10x more nervous than Ardo, in mommies defense Ardo doesnt exactly understand whats going on, I think this was the last time for Ardo to be oblivious to shots. After he received the 3 shots we took him to the lab to get his blood drawn and it was the first time he started crying when they cleaned him with the alcohol swab, I think (gasp)hes catching on. But thankfully our little one got through it and we received a clean bill of health. Hes on the smaller side for weight, but the dr said "hes happy and healthy". What more could I ask for.
after 3 shots and his blood taken hes all smiles! Im happy to report no fever or tylenol this time around, he really is growing up!

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