Im starting a new series called My Buddy Mondays. Ardo has so many buddies capturing a moment with them isnt very hard. Today My Buddy is............Oliver!! He's one of our favorite buddies. Oliver is my cousins son so hes my 2nd cousin I guess, I dont bother with the logistics, all I know is hes my cousin and Ardo's cousin and hes so darn cute!! My mom watched him today along with Ardo and when these two get together there is a lot of love, feet touching and face grabbing. Oliver and Ardo are almost exactly 5 months apart, I think Ardo thinks hes so cool when his younger cousin is around. I wonder who will be our buddy next week!!

mybuddy1 BeFunky

Happy My Buddy Mondays!!

Over the weekend...

This weekend was dadas birthday. Yes Jerry and Ardo are just 3 days and 28 years apart. We had a little soo yummy bbq at the house with just close family and friends. You would think it was Ardo's birthday all over again tho with the attention that little one commands. We all tried our best tho to give Jerry a wonderful birthday, and I think we succeeded. Happy Birthday again to a wonderful father and amazing fiancee.
Ps nothing bundt cake is just absolutely amazing. Jerry turned me onto it about 6 months ago. We had white chocolate raspberry and chocolate chip flavor, yum.yum.yum.
Picture 157
Picture 132
Someone is trying really hard to fit in with Elmo and his crew



In honor of dadas birthday today yesterday Ardo and I took him to Pinks. I havent been here in probably......4 years. Its crazy we live in such a central place where hollywood is literally 20mins away and we visit there maybe....NEVER. Its just one of those things we never think to go, the traffic probably has something to do with our decision. Depriving myself from the world famous Pinks tho really made me appreciate it yesterday. Oh another thing about Pinks you have to time it perfectly cause the lines can be MASSIVE!! I was worried Ardo wasnt going to want to wait and to my surprise he was the happiest little thing for the 20 minutes we waited (by the by 20 mins is nothing Ive waited 2 hours before). He wasnt fussy, he let us hold him, he did try and touch strangers but hey one thing at a time.
035 018 023 029
no pinks for him yet, but we gave him raisins, that's kinda the same thing right?


1 year shots!

Along with the joy of celebrating a year with our little guy comes the dreaded one year well baby check up. I say the "dreaded" because this check up comes with a whole lot of needles. 3 shots to be exact and getting his blood drawn, no not prick the finger blood test but an actual full needle (or butterfly needle, however in my book either is HORRIBLE). As expected mommy was probably 10x more nervous than Ardo, in mommies defense Ardo doesnt exactly understand whats going on, I think this was the last time for Ardo to be oblivious to shots. After he received the 3 shots we took him to the lab to get his blood drawn and it was the first time he started crying when they cleaned him with the alcohol swab, I think (gasp)hes catching on. But thankfully our little one got through it and we received a clean bill of health. Hes on the smaller side for weight, but the dr said "hes happy and healthy". What more could I ask for.
after 3 shots and his blood taken hes all smiles! Im happy to report no fever or tylenol this time around, he really is growing up!


Happy 1st Birthday ardobeans!

And today April 25th my little man officially turned 1. We had a weekend of festivities, but today on his actual birthday we had a very small get together. Daddy and I took the day off, we took Ardo to Santa Monica Pier walked around a bit had lunch and then a small dinner with just the two blending families. Our little one wasnt able to have the super yummy Petrillos just yet, instead his meal of veggies with pita bread and hummus. And then to the cake, Nana brought a Big Bird cake to keep with our Sesame Street Birthday theme. He sure enjoyed smashing it! Happy Birthday my sweetheart pie!

And the aftermath of poor little big bird. I have to say my little guy does not seem to have a sweet tooth, I guess mommy and daddy keeping almost all the unnatural sweets away from him has done some good. Lets hope we keep it up! Until next year...


1st Birthday Party

On Saturday April 21, we had Ardo's 1st birthday. It was a month in the making and it I couldnt have asked for a better day. 82 degrees, sunny and lots of love filled the backyard we call home. All 85 guests showed up (yes you read that right 85), and we felt the love. Our little boy will actually turn 1 on April 25th so mommy pulled out all the stops for his 1st birthday. Thank you to pinterest and actually my own little noggin, made this all happen. Pinterest is an amazing inspiration, all you need is an idea to run with. With one idea we (me, friends and family) created the rest. I have never ever been creative but I swear along with mothers intuition my creativity button was activated the minute I found out about our bundle of joy, and Ive taken off. Please enjoy! ps thank you again to every single person who helped make this all possible.

Our become apart of sesame street photobooth, one of my favs!

Party favors for the kiddies. I made them personalized with names on the back, and age appropriate goodies inside!

our lovely dessert table. Of course to match the color scheme. The cake pops were amazing (or so Ive heard I actually didnt have one) and the cupcakes were 2 flavors chocolate with cream inside and vanilla confetti (those were cookie monster) yummm! Julie made all our desserts. Thanks again!

A nice Family picture

A silly Family picture (we tried to get Ardo to wear the glasses he wasnt having it)

Instead of games I did a craft, I wanted there to be something everyone can do but I didnt have to supervise. This was perfect!! We had decorate a party hat and decorate a frame, from what I could see it was a hit and warmed my heart when I saw friends and family decorating away.

Our amazing centerpieces and my og idea. Every center piece had the matching table cloth color, to keep with the color schemes. We made these centerpieces with a cricket cartridge put them on a stick some glue dots in a mason jar and there we have it.

A mountain of gifts, thank you again to everyone for all the toys, books and a whole new wardrobe!

And last but not least a little collage with our birthday boy his cupcake and tears. He was terrified when everyone starting singing but a little frosting and he completely forgot! I just love him so.


A Wedding

Last weekend we celebrated a very beautiful wedding. Yuri, Izzy and I have been friends since kindergarten and last weekend Yuri got married!! I was so very lucky to be chosen as a bridesmaid. It was almost completely surreal. A girl Ive known since I was 4 years old, I stood along side with her on her very special day. It was heartfelt, absolutely gorgeous and just a little cold. My little booboo came along with daddy and my mom and wore a shirt a sweater and a very special little tie. Congratulations to the newlyweds!! Ps I had my makeup done for the first time EVER, I wasnt too sure about the look only because it was soo much make up, but I have to say after seeing the pictures I didnt look half bad if I do say so MYself.
3 girls that met 23 years ago stand together again for a wedding! Can think of a better reason.
Photobucket Photobucket
My family and I right before things got started, and of course one with just mommy and my little guy.

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