A Wedding Shower

After one month of intense planning, Yuris wedding shower was Saturday and was pulled off without a hitch!! Yuri, Izzy and I have been friends since kindergarten. Yuri is getting married in about 3 weeks and Saturday was her wedding shower. Izzy is the made of honor and I am a bridesmaid (Im nervous about that too and its not even my wedding). Izzy and I chose laker-esq colors. Purple and Yellow. I havent planned too many parties completely on my own so to have this party go on as successful as it did made me so happy. We had a taco man (yum, yum) and more desserts than we knew what do with. Our bride was so happy and greatful, it was a sweet day. My little guy showed up with daddy fashionably late and was very well behaved, I just love when a nap does what it is supposed to do and refreshes!!

Our set up, we finished setting everything up with 15 minutes to spare, and yes we patted ourselves on the back
mmmm our desserts, The cake pops were made by a friend (they were soo yummy) and the cake was provided by Grooms dad
The largest cake ever, when Izzy showed me my jaw dropped, now thats a huge cake
and Bjerry, he was a happy little camper in his Wheres Waldo shirt

Izzy and I right before the shindig got started, still so proud of ourselves
The WHOLE crew, with the Bride-to-be, that guy to my right is the wonderful Howard I really dont know what we would have done without his help
And last but not least the Bride and Groom to be just 3 more weeks! Cant wait

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