I am so lucky to have my mom and sisters watch Ardo while Im at work, and yesterday he had some very special visitors, Logan and Oliver. Oliver and Ardo are almost exactly 5 months apart. Logan is 5 years old and probably the biggest entertainment to the babies. Oliver and Ardo just watch him as he karate chops his way through the living room. Im sure their thinking, "I wonder when were going to be able to karate chop?" I just love playdates cant wait for another Tuesday!
Now here is a little monologue of what I think these babies must be thinking:
Ardo: Did she say smile or open your mouth?
Oliver: I dont know Im just gonna make a silly face.
Bjerry: Wait she did say smile, Cheeeese
Oliver: I dont care Im still making a silly face
Ardo: I wonder what that is?
Oliver: I think its called grass, either way its interesting, lets keep staring at it.
Ardo: Yum cheerios, I love when someone feeds me. Thanks Logan
Oliver: Not fair! Although Sophie is yummy for now.
Ardo: Have I introduced you to my giant panda?
Oliver: No, but what a crack up giant pandas are.
............and all that playing wore these two little guys out.....zzzzzz

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  1. great story we are going to have to tell this story to baby jerry later on to put him to sleep.


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