Roscoes Chicken n Waffles

I think at the ripe ole age of 11 months Roscoes is the place to go right? Well so did my mom so Ardo had a little trip today. I have to say, Ive been very pleased with the way he has been acting in restaurants lately. Just sitting and eating, not screaming, not needing to be next to me or on my lap: just content. He was a great boy for nana and papa, and nina too.
Just resting his head waiting for some waffles

His waffles are here!!
*please note he didnt actually eat the chicken but no one could resist this picture!


A Wedding Shower

After one month of intense planning, Yuris wedding shower was Saturday and was pulled off without a hitch!! Yuri, Izzy and I have been friends since kindergarten. Yuri is getting married in about 3 weeks and Saturday was her wedding shower. Izzy is the made of honor and I am a bridesmaid (Im nervous about that too and its not even my wedding). Izzy and I chose laker-esq colors. Purple and Yellow. I havent planned too many parties completely on my own so to have this party go on as successful as it did made me so happy. We had a taco man (yum, yum) and more desserts than we knew what do with. Our bride was so happy and greatful, it was a sweet day. My little guy showed up with daddy fashionably late and was very well behaved, I just love when a nap does what it is supposed to do and refreshes!!

Our set up, we finished setting everything up with 15 minutes to spare, and yes we patted ourselves on the back
mmmm our desserts, The cake pops were made by a friend (they were soo yummy) and the cake was provided by Grooms dad
The largest cake ever, when Izzy showed me my jaw dropped, now thats a huge cake
and Bjerry, he was a happy little camper in his Wheres Waldo shirt

Izzy and I right before the shindig got started, still so proud of ourselves
The WHOLE crew, with the Bride-to-be, that guy to my right is the wonderful Howard I really dont know what we would have done without his help
And last but not least the Bride and Groom to be just 3 more weeks! Cant wait



I am so lucky to have my mom and sisters watch Ardo while Im at work, and yesterday he had some very special visitors, Logan and Oliver. Oliver and Ardo are almost exactly 5 months apart. Logan is 5 years old and probably the biggest entertainment to the babies. Oliver and Ardo just watch him as he karate chops his way through the living room. Im sure their thinking, "I wonder when were going to be able to karate chop?" I just love playdates cant wait for another Tuesday!
Now here is a little monologue of what I think these babies must be thinking:
Ardo: Did she say smile or open your mouth?
Oliver: I dont know Im just gonna make a silly face.
Bjerry: Wait she did say smile, Cheeeese
Oliver: I dont care Im still making a silly face
Ardo: I wonder what that is?
Oliver: I think its called grass, either way its interesting, lets keep staring at it.
Ardo: Yum cheerios, I love when someone feeds me. Thanks Logan
Oliver: Not fair! Although Sophie is yummy for now.
Ardo: Have I introduced you to my giant panda?
Oliver: No, but what a crack up giant pandas are.
............and all that playing wore these two little guys out.....zzzzzz

A Wonderful SPA day

Sunday a few friends and I got together for the sweetest Spa party at Lauras house. Each of made a homemade spa treatment and brought it for everyone to share. I made a lip scrub, I found the recipe online but it was so simple. Just vaseline, sugar, honey and a little bit of olive oil and voila kiss that dead skin goodbye!
Can you believe this amazing set up? I thought I was at a full service spa. The most delicious little sandwiches and I do mean delicious. I probably ate a grand total of 12. No joke. Laura is such a great host and always has the best ideas. Cant wait for Spa Day 2.0


St Pattys Day

Ardo's first St Pattys Day, and yes we got him dressed up and took pictures of him, because....well because hes a baby and we can. It was also Uncle Patrick's 30th Birthday so we had a little fiesta

and one little picture with Ardo and uncle pat and of course matching little hats


I think Sprouts is my new favorite market. Im loving the very fresh produce and how small it is. It really does feel like a farmers market, just, in a market. We paid Sprouts a little visit this week and bought some yummy food for the week. Can I just say I absolutely love places where they let you shovel into bags as much chocolate, peanut toffee or giant size cornuts you'd like. My mom got some peanut toffee and when we got into the car she said, "um I dont think this is gonna make it home!" ha! Shes such a crack up.
mmm cheeses
This little guy was able to get a lift like a koala on me during our adventure. Hes such a cutie.


A Quinoa Party!

Now that my little one is 10 months Im trying to venture out a little bit with his food. Hello Quinoa, I thought maybe the small kernals would get just a little bit bigger so he could feed himself but unfortunately they weren't. We still had a good time playing with his food tho.
The quinoa didnt take very long to cook. After it was finished mommy tasted it first, I thought 'heres hoping'. My little one isnt a huge fan of texture right now but I keep trying. As you can see from the first picture hes having a great time. I kept yelling "Quinoa party". However the second picture is after he actually tasted it. We'll just keep trying.


Daylight savings

When I was younger I really didnt like daylight savings. I just dont love the summer time probably because I dont like the heat (I know I lived in California my whole life Im "supposed" to love it.) However now with the little guy, I love it. He was born during after spring forward so I didnt realize how nice it was to have daylight for so long and be able to go for walks in the evening. So now I LOVE daylight savings. I was so excited to be able to go on a family walk today.
I just someone would have stayed awake longer than a whole ten minutes.

oh well try again tomorrow.


A Trip to Target

Trips to target have always been fun, but since the little mister theyre extra extra fun. When I was pregnant I remember thinking I wonder what its going to be like the day my little guy will actually fit in the cart and sit. Then after he was born he was sooo tiny I thought this day would never come. And now, its hear. He sits in the cart like a proper soon to be toddler. Only thing since he is a little boo, he doesnt love to sit for too long...enter cheerios (his new snack of choice) I dont know why Im always paranoid when I take him somewhere the store is going to think I stole them. Eventho I didnt, I swear.
sometimes theres an accident in the doggy aisle at target, which I take a picture of then I find the nearest red shirt worker and tell them someone let their baby spill all over your aisle. Hiding the cheerios of course.
Wheres goliath when you need him. If Goliath was here he'd have that cleaned up in 2.5 seconds. Either way it was a very successful trip!!

Saturday Workouts

Every saturday I work out with my trainer Cassie.  Once you have that sweet little bundle of joy after nursing and your body starts to get back to normal, then you realize, wait, was my body always this jiggly? For me it sure wasnt:  enter working out.  Im not one of those people that looooves to workout.  Nope not me, however I do feel better once its over and when I can see improvements in my body then I dont mind it as much.  Ive been on a mission to lose this baby weight since December, April 25 my little guy will be one.  I have 7 pounds to go so .... heres hoping!


Look Mama (or as he calls me dada)

I can feed myself now. somehow out of nowhere this little baby of mine is becoming a little guy. we made a deal as long as he promises to give me hugs and kisses forever, he can keep growing. Yesterday we sat down and he ate sweet potatoes with pasta. Mama fed him sweet potatoes and Jerry fed himself pasta. and he did a great job! as you can see from the smile hes so happy with himself



I think this little one wishes he could live in the bath. Such like a mermaid, or merboy. Whenever he gets fussy or hot we say bathtime and he has the time of his life. This little baby bath is getting a little too small we're probably going to have to upgrade soon. Happy Bathtime!


A Dog and His Blankey

Goliath has loved his blankey ever since he was a wee little pup. And 2 1/2 years later he still bites it to sleep every night. I know babies have had lovies but a dog is to much. Gentle Giants like I always say.


this is my little guy.  Gerardo III better known around here nowadays as Ardo.


Just a little picture

This is Goliath, he was my first baby. g

a new blogger

well I was intimidated at first but Im doing the do. Hope you enjoy =)

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